PractiMan Bags

PractiMan Bags

Single and multi-pack bags are available to purchase separately designed for the PractiMan range of manikins.

PractiMan Adult Bag - Single

PractiMan Bag - For transporting a single PractiMan Manikin (Colour blue may vary).  This bag also opens all the way around so that it can be used as a mat for your students to kneel on while they are learning and practicing how to perform CPR on the manikin.

PractiMan Bag - 4 Adult Manikins

The lightweight design of the PractiMan CPR Manikins makes it possible to carry and lift 4 manikins. This bag will hold 4 Adult Standard, Advanced or Plus PractiMan Manikins, keeping them secure and ready to be used for CPR Training.

PractiBaby Bag - Single

Bag designed for transporting a single PractiBaby CPR Manikin, can also be easily opened out and used as a mat for the student to kneel on while practising and demonstrating CPR on the floor.

PractiBaby Bag - 4 Baby Manikins

PractiBaby Bag -  The ideal bag for trainers to take the PractiBaby Manikins to and from training,  and for storage to keep them clean and dust free.

This bag makes it simple to move these robust and lightweight PractiBaby Manikins to where you need them to be.

PractiMan Wheeled Bag

High Quality Large Wheeled Bag designed for PractiMan Manikin Range. With an additional side zip compartment for spares and other items.

Ideal bag for first aid trainers who need to transport manikins to classes.  Due to the lightweight yet sturdy construction of the PractiMan range, this bag helps make it simple and easy to keep your manikins together and move them with ease.