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Be prepared for a life-threatening situation with CPR training.  

The PractiMan Manikin Range

The PractiMan range includes the Standard Manikin, Advanced, Plus, and PractiBaby Manikin. Robust but lightweight, these affordable manikins are easy to carry and come with a variety of impressive features including an audible clicker and a hygienic airway system that vents exhaled air out of the back of the head of the manikins to prevent infection.

The PractiMan Plus Manikin has the added advantage of providing electronic CPR feedback on the depth, speed, and release, direct to the learner and instructor without the need to use handheld devices, computers or asking learners to download apps to their own mobile phones.

The standard and advanced manikins can be used to practice CPR for adults and children simply by changing the setting using the switch on the back of the manikin, the PractiMan Plus is changed between adult and child electronically.

All manikins are available as single units or in packs of four, we also have an Instructor Pack that includes 3 Adult/Child Manikins and 3 Infant Manikins which come in a quality wheeled bag.

Trade or wholesale accounts are available for companies who are reselling first aid equipment, subject to minimum orders.

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Whatever you want in a manikin, there will be a PractiMan to suit your requirements.

General Product Information

All PractiMan Manikins come with a manufacturer two-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence. 


New CPR training that does not discriminate skin colours.

PractiMan have taken care of all the details to create new versions of the PractiMan manikins to properly represent your community.

PractiMan is here to add inclusivity and diversity to your CPR training.

Contact us for more information on 01206 809538.


So many learners leave training unsure of hand placements when it comes to women's bodies, which is why PractiMan Female Manikin Skin is an absolute must-have when training in CPR.

Female Skin is the only accessory in the market that converts your PractiMan manikin into a complete female torso in the simplest and most cost-effective way. It is essential for your training sessions, so they become the most complete, accurate, and realistic, using only one manikin!

Why Female Skin?

A woman’s chance of survival when receiving bystander CPR may be up to 23% lower than that of men. This is mainly due to inherent fears such as inappropriate touching, harming the victim, lack of comfort when working close to the breasts, etc.

We cannot look away: We must work to find solutions. Trainers need to make their CPR manikins more realistic and accurate when training women CPR.

This is the reason behind Female Skin: a unique accessory that converts your PractiMan manikin into a complete female torso. It is a must-have product to train more accurately thanks to its resemblance to a real female torso.


This manikin from PractiMan is the most life-like infant manikin on the market and comes with a jacket and shorts that can be easily removed for washing. The manikin can be moved into various positions including sitting and the head moves side-to-side and the tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway.

PractiBaby Range